Accepting where you are

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Accepting Where You Are

Sometimes, when I help my clients see their mind and thoughts, they get a little upset. 
They can’t believe it’s their own thoughts creating the results in their lives.  They would rather blame another person or a circumstance. 
Once they see that it is a thought causing their feelings and influencing their actions, they want to change it immediately.
They think it’s a bad thing that they are the ones causing their own pain. This is when I tell them that this is actually the best news.
It means that you have control over the outcomes of your life.  It means that you are more in control of how you feel than you might realize.
In fact, if you accept that your thoughts got you to where you are, it means that you have the ability to create your future life as well.  It means you can stop living in default and that you can live more consciously and deliberately. 
You can be more in charge of your experience.
All you have to do is accept where you are now.  All it takes is removing the self judgement and replacing it with curiosity and a willingness to kindly and gently unfold the layers you haven’t examined in a while. 
Once you honor your past and become open to finding the beliefs you’ve been using to get by, to mask the real you, or to meet the expectations of others, you will blow your own mind.
You can take back your power.  It’s waiting for you.
Just accept and be willing to take the journey.  You will be so amazed.



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