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Are You Really Burned Out? 
It’s Not What You Think

I thought I had my first burnout in my twenties. 

Shivering, sweating, hair falling off, jaw grinding, absent mindedness, sleep deprived, just a mess. 

Looking back, I see it wasn’t burnout.  

I thought I didn’t have an option to say no so I just said yes to everything and piled on more without any real plan or boundaries.  I was so “busy.”

True burnout is when you have a plan and execute, you are clear on what to do, you have a positive mindset, and you have results. 

The burnout part comes when your plan has become unreasonable and your results have become more important than your journey.

This is not what I was experiencing.  What I was experiencing was actually overwhelm.

Overwhelm is fueled by poor planning and the stressful thinking it creates.  You end up putting out fires, reacting to emergencies, and pushing yourself into even more overwhelm. 

Are you really burned out or if you are in overwhelm?

If you are in burnout, why are you willing to push yourself so hard for that result? 

If you are in overwhelm, what are the thoughts that drive you to fuel yourself from stress? 

How can you make sure you don’t mistake overwhelm for burnout?

How can you take care of yourself and also work toward your goals?

How can you prevent burnout in the future?

If I knew I could tap into my future-self back then, I would have told my twenty something self to slow down.  I would have told her that she had the option of saying no and that decades later, it wouldn’t matter as much as I was making it matter back then.

I also would have taught her how to plan better and how to plan more time to relax on purpose.  In fact, it is what I always do now. 

The first thing that goes in my calendar every week is my free time. 

My me time is so important.  It’s what keeps me clear, productive, and in control. 

Figure out if you are in real burnout or if you are in overwhelm, then plan well and for more time to relax on purpose.



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