Couraget to Fail

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Courage to Fail

When we have trouble completing a project or getting some traction, we tend to blame our schedule or our workload.  Maybe we blame the number of interruptions throughout our day or the complexity of the project. 

Often the underlying reason has to do less with our workload or interruptions and more with fear.  We have a fear of making mistakes, a fear of getting something out there that can be disliked, criticized, or rejected. 

What it comes down to is that when struggle to finish a project, the only real reason is because we are choosing not to finish it. 

This is so human and so normal.  We are just being guided by our survival instincts to belong and to be liked by the group.  Our brain is trying to protect us.

The solution to this is to have the courage to fail.  That means that we allow fear and take action anyway.  It’s the antidote to procrastination and overwhelm.

When we are willing to fail, we gain control of our self-limiting behavior.  We make failure mean that we are figuring it out. We give ourselves opportunities to determine what works and what doesn’t work. 

The wins come between the fails.

We need to have courage to fail.  It’s how we move forward.

So brave.  So smart.

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