Dealing With Emotional Pain

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Dealing with Emotional Pain

Living a fully human life means that we are willing to experience pain.

Not allowing pain is when we get ourselves into trouble.  What usually happens when we try to do that is that we make it worse and it lasts much longer than if we allow it and process it.

Rather than resisting, we can begin to process it by getting control over it.  We do this by choosing to feel it and naming the emotion. 

Is it sorrow?  Loneliness? Overwhelm? Regret? 

Describe how it feels in your body.  The more you get to know your pain, the better.  Often, this alone, helps your mind to start working on the pain. 

Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel negative emotions and that your pain is part of your journey.

Remind yourself that the pain will likely come in waves. 

When it does wash over you, feel the heaviness of the pain as it comes to you. I suggest to my clients to allow it and to put their pain in a purse or pocket and carry it around as they go about their day.

Eventually, the thoughts causing pain will become more evident to you.  You will see that if you can create pain with your mind, you can also create relief with your mind.

Remember that life is supposed to be a balance of positive and negative.  When you accept this, you will feel less negative about the negative and that will help to ease your mind.

Be compassionate with yourself. Be patient.  Eventually, you will be able to create your own relief and peace.

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