I Have To vs I Choose To

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I Have To vs I Choose To

One of the most powerful mornings I ever spent was working with a group of moms in a class about family.  The topic of that day was about how our thoughts are optional. 

I asked them to tell me what they did every day as I wrote down what they said on the board. Their list looked like this:


Next, I asked them to write down the same list but to write “I choose to” instead of “I have to.”  Their new lists looked like this:


I asked them how they felt after writing the second list. They told me that they felt grateful, love, and peace.  They felt ownership for their choices and what they did every day.  They understood that they didn’t have to go to work, do chores, or feed their kids.  They understood that they choose to do all of those things. 

They were able to see that how they think about their circumstances directly impacts how they feel about them. 

When I saw them again months later, they told me that they have so much more peace and joy in their daily lives.  One told me she is no longer angry.  They gave me example after example of how they approached daily trials with an appreciative energy.  So great.

Your thoughts create your feelings.  Think about the energy you want to take to work or create at home.  Then figure out how you need to think to create that energy.  It really is all about your thoughts.

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