knocks and whispers

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Knocks and Whispers

Knocks and Whispers
Do you remember the last Oprah show?  She gave a speech at the very end about the things she knows for sure.
She said that the universe tries to guide you.  That it knocks you around a little to get your attention. That if you don’t hear the first knock, it will knock you harder the next time and the next time and the next time until you get hit pretty hard.
For a long while, I wasn’t listening to some of my knocks.  I gained 50 pounds, I put my health aside, I overworked, I carried around other people’s problems and burdens.
Now I see that most of it was self-inflicted. I didn’t know back then that it could be any different.
Now I catch the whispers before they even become knocks.
Living the way you always dreamed you would be is available to you now. 
You just have to listen. 



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