Outdated Thoughts

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Outdated Thoughts

How are you living your life these days? 

If you haven’t put much thought into it, you might be living in default.  That’s what most of us fall into as we get entrenched in our day to day tasks and routines. 

One thing I found when I started doing thought work was that many of my thoughts were no longer serving me.  They got me to a certain point and then they became outdated.

When was the last time you checked on your thoughts and beliefs?  Are they still serving you?

Think about how you want to live.  How would you live if there was nothing holding you back?  What are some standards that you can choose to live consciously? Deliberately?  How do you want to show up?

Here are some thoughts that have helped me to live more consciously and on purpose:


When you live more deliberately, you are living on purpose and that means that you have taken a look at your thoughts and have chosen a different set of standards to live by that create the results that you want and get you going in the direction that you want to go.

What thoughts will help you to live on purpose?

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