Speaking of Failing

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Speaking of Failing

Some of my clients think that failing is not acceptable, that it is a bad thing.  They tell me that failure is not an option.

They will do anything to avoid failure because they think it is a direct reflection on them and because they were always taught that failing should never happen. 

That’s not how I see it now.  I’ve learned that the most successful people are so good at failing.  In fact, they fail a lot. That’s how they figure out what works and what doesn’t.  That’s how they learn and improve whatever they are doing.

I saw NPR podcaster Guy Raz on the Jimmy Fallon Show the other night.  Guy hosts TED Radio Hour and How I Built This.  His shows are heard by more than 14 million people globally every month.  He talks to the most amazing thinkers, founders, and innovators on the planet.  They cover the triumphs, failures, and insights of their journeys.

Jimmy asked Guy what he has learned after all of these years on his podcasts and he responded that the most successful people are all really good at rejection and failure.  He said that they experience rejection and failure again and again and that they use it to their benefit.

There you go.  You have to fail to succeed.  I would even say that if you are not failing, you are playing it too safe.  You are staying in your comfort zone.  Your goals are too easy.

Be brave my friend.  Worthy fails are good.  They mean you are giving it 100 percent, that you are showing up. 

That’s what it’s going to take.

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