The Cost of Playing It Safe

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The Cost of Playing It Safe

Sometimes my clients tell me that they are “fine.”  That their week went okay and that they are feeling neutral about their life.  I tell them that if they are not at least a little uncomfortable, they are playing life safe.

If you truly feel no stress, you likely don’t have big enough goals.  That’s okay if that is your desired outcome but I like to encourage my clients to live bigger.

I ask them about their dreams and about what excites them.  I want them to understand that it is not too late to live how they imagined they would when they were kids.  I tell them that it’s good to take risks and to fail.  It just means that you are learning and working your way to your desired results.  You are figuring it out.

What have you left behind in order to play it safe?  What have you forgotten about because you got too comfortable? 

There is a big world waiting for your gifts.  Bring that dream back to life.  It can still happen.

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