The Magic of Feeling the All the Feels

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The Magic of Feeling the All the Feels

One of the best ways to feel better is to understand that we are not supposed to feel great all the time in the first place. 

In fact, our experience of life in this world is more like 50/50.  Over the course of our lifetime, we will roughly feel positive emotions half of the time and negative emotions the other half of the time.  That is the way it is actually supposed to be.

There is a wide span of emotions for a reason.  They all have their place.  How would we even know we are feeling good if we never feel bad?  We need the contrast.

The magic comes when we are willing to feel all of the emotions.  That’s when we take risks and live big.  That’s when we are okay with feeling shame, humiliation, heartbreak, or rejection and we don’t let those negative emotions hold us back.

When we are willing to experience negative emotion, we actually start feeling positive emotion about our negative emotion.  We are in control of it.  We stop judging and worrying about it and learn how to process it and live more fully instead.

Feel all the feels.  Live big.

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