The Role of You in Your Relationships

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The Role of You in Your Relationships

Lots of times we are focused so much on what others think of us that we fail to enjoy or cultivate the relationship we have with another person. 

It’s like we stay in our mind ruminating about what the other person is thinking about us that we miss out on connecting.

While a relationship is comprised of what two people think about each other, the best way to influence how the other person is experiencing you is by working on what you think about you

Usually what I find is that the healthiest relationships are with people who have strong self-love.  They are not absorbed in what the other person thinks about them or in judging the other person. 

What do you think about you and the way you show up in a relationship? 

How do you think the other person will respond when you come from a place of self-love? 

Try it out.  My bet is that both you and the other person will enjoy the results.

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