Time is what you make of it

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Time Is What You Make of It

Time management is a problem for a lot of people.  I used to let my mind drama keep me from doing what I needed to do.  I would say I was too busy like it was the news.  Like it was a real thing.

My coach really helped me to see that time is a construct for how we look at the world and that I was being sloppy with the way I managed my time if I was working late or missing deadlines.  Yikes.

That’s when mind management came in and helped me to really get a handle on how I use my time.  Gone are the excuses.

I understand that it can feel like your calendar is controlling you but what actually happens is that you gain more freedom when you plan and then honor your plan.

The first thing I schedule every week is my personal free time.  I block out my sleep, workouts, meals, family time, reading time, dog walking time, and anything else I want to protect for the week. I also leave a buffer of extra free time for whatever comes up.

This has made a huge difference because it makes me really stick to my calendar in order to preserve the me time. 

Think about the benefits of getting things done and not worrying about your chores or assignments because you have it on a schedule that you are honoring and you know that it will all get done. 

Think about not having anything hanging over you during your personal time so you can really relax with a Netflix movie or with friends or family.  Think about being able to sleep peacefully because you know that what is on your calendar is as good as done.

So much better than your mind ruminating in the background about all that you still have to do.

Give yourself the gift of freedom of mind, of real rest, of real self-care. 

How you use your time is truly in your hands.  It’s one of the ways to live the life you want to live.

All it takes is planning it ahead of time.

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