Unkind Thoughts about yourself

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Unkind Thoughts About Yourself

What you think about yourself is key to living the life you want to live, to meeting your goals, and to your overall success. Whatever you want to do, the first thing I would check is how you are talking to yourself about you. 

Your relationship with yourself is totally on you.  It’s a collection of thoughts you have held onto about yourself, likely from your past. 

The thoughts you think about the most are the ones you keep because you are reinforcing them all the time and looking for evidence to prove yourself right.  You create this loop of negative self-talk and then you wonder why you feel so bad. 

Here’s how to handle unkind thoughts about yourself. 

First, you have to realize that you chose to hold on to those thoughts and that they are optional.  Just how you opted to keep them, you can also opt to drop them.  It will be hard at first because you have been living with those thoughts for a long time but removing them is going to relieve you of so much pain and drama.

Start working on replacing them with thoughts about yourself that are going to serve you.  Be deliberate and search for evidence that your positive self- thoughts are true. 

Start formulating a more positive relationship with yourself.  It’s all in your thoughts.  You’ve got this.

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