Watch Your Thoughts to Watch Your Time

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Watch Your Thoughts to Watch Your Time

So many of my clients tell me that they don’t have time for themselves or for anything new.  They want to stick to what they already know how to do even if it’s running them ragged and keeping them stuck. 

They’ve been doing what they are doing forever because their brains know how to be reactive, how to rush, how to complain, how to stress out, how to put out fires, how to eat their emotions. 

I’m never surprised to hear this because I understand that our brain is so tricky. 

Our brain likes efficiency so it does what it knows how to do well.  It’s resistant to new thoughts and habits because it’s going to require some work. So it just keeps doing what it has always done.

This is so normal.  So human. 

Here’s what I tell my clients when they say they want to recreate their lives but they don’t have time. 

I tell them to watch their brain and expect it to throw doubt and resistance at them the second they decide to do something different. 

It’s because your brain thinks it’s protecting you and doing its job.

It needs direction.

Our thoughts determine how we use our time.

Thoughts that waste the most time are those that deal with worry, people pleasing, indecision, escaping, regretting, confusion, judging ourselves, overwhelm. 

If you could get rid of these from your life, how much time would you have left over?

Watch your thoughts, they are the first step in creating more time.



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