What Drives us

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What Drives Us

Everything we do is because of how we want to feel.  We make money to feel secure, powerful, or free.  We buy things to feel satisfied, joy, or accepted.

Everything we do is also often because of how we don’t want to feel.  We eat to avoid discomfort, rejection, or shame.  We drink to avoid loneliness, anxiety, or boredom.

The point is that feelings matter.  They are what drive every action and determine our results, our relationships, and even our success.

The way we manage them for our benefit is to be aware of them in the first place.  We are more strategic with our thoughts and act more intentionally when we pay attention them. 

What is the feeling that will drive you to your result? Is it commitment?  Is it determination?  Is it love?

Figure out what feeling drives you and use it to fuel you.

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