When Perfectionism Takes Hold

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When Perfectionism Takes Hold

As a young school principal, I recall working on a grant application with my team.  The electronic submission resulted in us hovering over a computer to get all of the requirements in just under the deadline.

Every review had a typo or error of some sort that we would correct.  As the deadline got closer and closer, I made the call to push the send button even though we knew our submission could have been better. 

At the time, I recall thinking that it was going to have to be a "B" effort since the other option was going to be not submitting anything at all if we missed the deadline.  It was the first time I deliberately went with "B" work. It was the first time I faced my perfectionism tendencies and ignored them.

Today, I’m way ahead of the pitfalls of perfectionism. 

I can tell it’s getting a hold on me when:


When I see any of these happening, I make myself be more interested in getting the job done than worrying about perfection.  It keeps me moving forward.

We were awarded the grant and we even received national attention for our innovative work.

It’s not about being perfect.  

It’s about making things happen.

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