When We Want Results In a Hurry

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When We Want Results In a Hurry

After I start working with my clients and help them to see their future self, they often can’t wait to get there.  They want immediate results.  

This is when I remind them that their work is about their journey and I encourage them to think thoughts that will create peace, patience, compassion, or whatever feeling is going to fuel them. 

I remind them that they have been running their lives with a set of beliefs that are very comfortable to them and that are easy.  I prepare them for the challenge of their default brain to want to take over because it knows how to do existing beliefs so well. 

I also remind them that their future self is available to them now.  They can choose to think the thoughts that their future self thinks to create the results that they want. When they get those results, they will create new goals.  This is what life is about.  As humans, we are always evolving.

That’s why it’s important to enjoy their journey.  Be present, be curious, be patient.  Learn from whatever comes with every day.

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