if i can teach only one thing

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If I Could Teach Only One Thing

If I could teach only one thing, it would be that we’re not supposed to be happy all of the time.  That’s not the goal. 

Life is more like 50/50 so nothing is wrong when we’re not happy all the time.  It just means we’re human. 

It’s actually good to have the contrast of emotions.  We want to feel grief when we lose a loved one.  We want to feel fear to make us evacuate when a hurricane is nearing.  We want to feel sad when a tragedy happens. 

When we try to avoid negative emotion, we get into trouble.  We overeat.  We overdrink.  We escape with false pleasures so we can feel better.  When we stop trying to be happy all the time, we actually feel good about experiencing both the positive and negative emotions. 

It’s when we accept this concept of 50/50 and understand that part of our lives is going to mean dealing with negative emotions, that we feel better about dealing with it all.

In the end, it makes it really easy to embrace the good and appreciate our happiness even more.

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