Never has there been a better time to use our influence as educators to help rebalance the world and create better mental and emotional health for everyone.  Let’s do this.


I’ll teach you what nobody ever taught us in teacher school: The most important thing to teach our students in times of crisis and recovery. Why kids (and us adults) have trouble with difficult emotions and how this shows up in ways that keep us from learning, growing, and moving forward. The antidote that moves us from surviving to thriving. What it takes for an entire school year of success, even in disruptive times.


By the end of this course, you will be able to: Manage your mind to teach and lead from a place of calm, confidence, and purpose. Self-coach to manage your emotions in even the most difficult days. Have tools for your best year ever and to be the hero of your own life. Empower your students to have their best year and to be the heroes of their own lives.