Coaching Designed for Real Change and Results

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Coaching Designed for Real Change and Results

Dr. Julia Barrow Coach

As a Life and Leadership Coach, I help educators make their Greatest Impact.

What stands between you and your goals? It's not what you think.

My practice is grounded in causal coaching which gets to the root of any problem to determine the reasons for what you are currently experiencing. It’s not about treating the symptoms, it’s actually about treating the cause and then creating the results that you want.

As your Coach, I help you to get perspective on your outcomes. 

I personalize my coaching to your needs and goals and give you a framework and tools to make to get the results that you want.

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I have already experienced and overcome your challenges.  I can teach you how to get the results you want and still have the life you have been missing.  Don’t wait until after you retire like I did.  You really can do this and have a life as well.  Even on the most difficult days. 

I’ll show you how to make your Greatest Impact.


One-On-One Life Coaching

I work one on one with clients who want to take charge of their mental and emotional health.
Ideal clients are willing to examine and take ownership of their current outcomes to get better results.

One-On-One Leadership Coaching

I work one on one with leaders who want to make their Greatest Impact.  My program is tailored to your needs. I offer coaching for both new leaders and established leaders.

Greatest Impact – Teachable Moments In the Midst of Crisis: A Guide for Educators. Click here for more info.

Team Coaching

I provide team coaching for educators who have completed my Greatest Impact course and want to learn more.  I help them to go deeper with the tools and concepts I teach them in my course and coach them along the way.

Education Consulting

I take on projects to help organizations make their Greatest Impact.  As a trusted advisor, I offer my extensive experience and guidance in teaching and learning. 

Never has there been a better time to make your Greatest Impact.

Drop me a message to set up a complimentary initial consultation to see if I can help.